knitted BEAN BAG/ floor cushion/ footstool

knitted BEAN BAG/ floor cushion/ footstool


knitted BEAN BAG/ floor cushion/ hypoallergic bean bag/rope bean bag/ footstool

- handmade from 100 % polyester rope

- WHAY POLYESTER ? - because it is very sturdy and durable , hypo-allergenic and do not attract dust, easy care - washing

- bean bag has a very nice and quite rough texture, rustic look. But it is very enjoyable to sit on, kids love it so much

- stuffed bean bag inside has very sturdy sewed tapestry pouf with zipper, filled with polystyrene/styrofoam balls

- It is easy to fill or refill. Polyester filling bag has a possibility to take it out for washing.

- you can undress knitted bean bag and wash it in a washing machine (40°C)

- available 16 colors (color may differ depending the display you are using )

- approximate weight of one stuffed bean bag ~ 5-7 kg

- size for ADULTS - length ~120 cm ( 48 in) , width ~90 cm (36 in)